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No. A battle rifle takes four headshots to kill a regularly shielded Spartan/Elite. A carbine takes seven.

It depends on skill:

Beginners can control each burst of a Battle Rifle, but not each Carbine shot at maximum rate of fire. The four bursts of the Battle Rifle kill more quickly than the seven shots of the Carbine. Battle Rifle is quicker and easier to use.
Intermediate and advanced players on Slayer can control each Carbine shot and each Battle Rifle burst. The Carbine can quickly fire seven shots before the Battle Rifle can kill with its four bursts. Carbine is quicker, but the Battle Rifle is easier to use.
Very advanced players on Team SWAT only (assuming human weapons only is disabled) can control each Battle Rifle shot. In a good situation, a single burst can kill three people, while a Carbine shot can kill only one. Battle Rifle is quicker, but the Carbine is easier to use.

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