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Thow i do think the covenant would win the fact the elites and brutes seperated when they did was perhaps the best thing to come from the war99.181.126.243 06:04, June 28, 2011 (UTC)

Thats arguable, the majority of the Elites attacking forces were lost on Onyx and when the Nova bomb exploded. If for example brute ships or even high charity were in the radius of that bomb the war would have been over a hell of a ot sooner. The attack on earth would have been with a few cruisers at most. LThe splitting of the covenant did weaken it but it just as-well saved it (for a while)

Thats debatable, The UNSC was getting pushed back to the inner colonies but it was costing the Covenant a lot of troops and ships. That said had the Covenant Super Carrier that had the NOVA bomb had been near High Charity and the bomb went off the UNSC would have gained decades worth if strategic advantage , also the Flood would have weakened the Covenant around Instalation 05.~ Grifkilla 117

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