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noNo, not literally. Statistically every bullet does only as much damage as it would if you were standing on the ground; However, You become more obvious when using a jetpack in an open space and often you are mugged by every player on the field. If you use the jetpack from a relatively discreet position without many players seeing you, you'll find that you will be killed less with jetpack and gain more kills with 'vertical ambushes.'cuz ur a fagNo, but using a jetpack puts you usually in a position where the enemy can shoot you from different angles. This leads players to think that their shields are weaker, but really their just a good target for the opposition.No it's the same as normal.No, you don't. With the exception of armor-lockdown, all other abilities do not affect your shield strength etc. However please do not be confused with the effect of the dropshield. Although it recovers your health and protects you like a bubbleshield, enemies can enter and kill you, as it only recovers your health and shield, but not boost them.

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