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Yes. The Covenant was defeated in November 2552 by the United Nations Space Command and Covenant Separatists on Installation 00. It is believed that stragglers of the Covenant Loyalist fleet still remain, scattered around formerly Covenant-ruled space. The Sangheili (Elites) pledged to hunt down the remnants of the enemy to dispell the threat that they pose against the galaxy. Many large battles led to the final defeat of the Covenant, and the most important of those are...

  • Fall of Reach - August, 2552 (Covenant Victory)
  • Battle of Installation 04 - October, 2552 (UNSC Victory)
  • Battle of Installation 05 - October–November, 2552 (UNSC-Separatist Victory)
  • Fall of High Charity - October–November, 2552 (Flood Victory)
  • Battle of Voi - November, 2552 (UNSC-Separtist Victory)
  • Battle of Installation 00 - November, 2552 (UNSC-Separtist Victory)

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