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Who the hell knows. In halo evolution there was a female marine that said Master Chief as a kid saved her life and said he'd marry her.

Who is this spammer...?

I'm not a spammer. I'm helping contribute to these answere. Am I allowed? If not I appologize.

Sorry, but there are places where you can look this up... I'm sorry if I've offended you, but there are too many people on this site that love to ask eroneous and irrelevant questions, over and over again. If similar questions pop up too often, than it appears to be a spammer.

Oh, ok well I figure out who asks qusetions over and over, as long as I get to help out with questions that I know about.

IDK if you're the one continually asking characters' ages. That's what I thought.

Nope, sorry. I did ask how old Buck was but the others aren't mine. Buy like you said, it's probably a spamer.

K... sorry... sad face.

It's cool dude. Sorry for misspelling things alot. lol

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