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The amount of casualties sustained by the Sangheili during the Battle of Installation 00 is currently unknown. Depending on how the naval battle and any other operations carried out on the Ark went casualties may have been light or heavy.

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While the Shadow of Intent (The Assault Carrier) made it back to Earth , the rest of the Elites fleet is assumed lost . Again the Elites managed to destroy Truth's Fleet but they lost all nine of their CCS Class Cruisers. Also when High Charity made a Slipspace jump to the Ark , it rained down pieces of debris that punched straight through the Shadow of Intent thus killing many Elites. So to answer your question no only a few thousand elites survived the Battle of Inst. 00 and made it back to Earth.

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yes some have some dint make it to life some made it to death

^Bro, learn to phrase your sentences. That is some meth fueled gibberish up there. On to the quesiton. Most of the elites survived yes. When they followed the prophet through the warp gate, they easily defeated the Brute forces, due to the Elites familiarity with the vesseles that they were piloting. The opposite is true of the Brutes. They had no idea what button was the gun and what button was for coffee. The many surviving elites escaped back through the warp gate before the incomplete halo fired. Thus, not dead.

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