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The United States Armed Forces already use laser based weapons, such as weapons that emit a high intensity Gamma ray that literally kills you in seconds, if hit in the right place. Plasma on the other hand seems more radical. If anything they'd use it for more energy related causes rather than weapons manufacturing. Spartan Lasers kill for a reason.Most likely no. They would be very expensive, faulty, and uneconomical. We use plasma like lasers, for cutting metals, but not for weapons. Though terrible, bullets are still the best way to kill.In theory, yes. Scientists are experimenting with directed energy weapons, such as focused light and plasma.if we could somehow manipulate energy to be stored and launched in physical boltsYesI doubt it...Maybeno we cant even mass produce lasers,we need whole cientific bases for producing a deadly laser, much less plasmaNo. NO.No.Plasma weapons require a very potent energy source which means it would be bulky and difficult to transport. you would require power armor just to be mobile. Think of T51b from fallout with a ghost buster fusion reactor back pack and a plasma caster for the devices then that is the most realistic concept. No.I have a feeling laser or beam weaponry will come first. but we'll get therecould be man, i dont think in the NEAR future, but it cold be.

We already have plasma torches and such, the problem is plasma rapidly loses energy as it enters the air. If you could somehow package it around something inert, and have a large enough battery then yeah its possible.ProbablyIt's possible. To my (limited) knowledge, all you need is plasma, a way to contain it and keep it heated, and a propulsion mechanism (maybe a magnetic field) I don't think we'll see any of the Covenant's more farfetched weapons anytime soon. (This is my opinion, someone more educated than me correct me if I am wrong.)

yes because the plasm gun is made up of H.D.P.O.M which is High.Doom.Plasm.Omega.Ray which scientist are working on the estimated it will be possible by 2036, may not be sold for under 2 million $ unit 2056,i know this because i was a classifided scientist 3 years ago but,it will not be quiet like they ones on halo but they are simalar they are likley going to be strong enought to burn throght human flesh with no problemPlasma is an Unknown state of matter that is a mix of liquid and solid. The answer is no because scientists still do not understand what plasma is and what makes it.No.In adout 2500-YES!

(I would ignore the above if i were you)

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