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Chuck Norris is master chief. lolMaster Chief... chuck norrisImpossible. Everyone knows Chuck Norris died in 2511, a few hours before John-117 was born, only because he wanted to reincarnate as someone in a badass armor suit. And so Chief was born. This, essentially, makes them the same person, and assuming logic still holds, it would be impossible for Norris to battle 117.Hmmm... Chuck Norris...Chuck Norris would epic Master Chief in two seconds flat with a flying kick. Look use your common sense Chuck Norris is a man.S-117 John Is a highly trained soldier with advanced capability's with human machinary as well as extraterrestrial weapons as welll as knowledge of a vast majority of species. However Chuck Norris is immortal and invunerable. He would just take any bullets and break 117s face just by looking at him.

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