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no, cause the spartan could easyly kill the elite even without a weapon unless the elite has an engergy swordYep, depending on the skill of the Elite. In Halo: The Fall of Reach I believe Master Chief nearly looses a fight with an elite in space.If the spartan isn't Master Chief, then yes.hell no!yes, Elites and Spartans are portrayed as being equal in strength in many situations If he anally ravages him, yes.obviously,no.Depends on the weaponry and the technique they would fight in. Also what kind of spartan.yes. have a beginner halo player play reach on ledgendaryAnything can kill a single spartan, it's not likely one elite would kill one though.noDepends, if they've got the right weapon at the right time (i.e. using a bullet weapon when the Spartan's shields are down, or if the Elite gets perfect timing with a Spartan Laser, or if the Elite lunges first with an energy sword)..... there're a whole lot of ways a Spartan & an Elite could kill each other.

not if the spartan kills the elite first nevermind the long winded answer above

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