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Ascetic (Body) - Get the Up Close and Personal Achievement Ascetic (Head) - Get the Steppin' Razor Achievement Ascetic (Shoulders) - Get the Overkill Achievement Commando (Body) - Get the Triple Kill Achievement Commando (Head) - Get the Overkill Achievement Commando (Shoulders) - Get the Killing Frenzy Achivement Flight (Body) - Complete Tsavo Highway (on Heroic or Legendary) Flight (Head) - Complete the campaign mode (on Legendary or Heroic) Flight (Shoulders) - Complete The Ark (on Heroic or Legendary) EOD (Body) - Complete Tsavo Highway (on Legendary) EOD (Head) - Complete the campaign mode (on Legendary) EOD (Shoulders) - Complete The Ark (on Legendary) EVA (Body) - Complete Tsavo Highway (on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary) EVA (Head) - Complete the campaign mode (on Normal) EVA (Shoulders) - Complete The Ark (on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary) Mark V (Head) - Get the UNSC Spartan Achievement ODST (Head) - Get the Spartan Graduate Achievement Rogue (Head) - Get the Spartan Officer Achievement Scout (Body) - Get the Too Close to the Sun Achievement Scout (Head) - Get the Used Car Salesman Achievement Scout (Shoulders) - Get the We're in for Some Chop Achievement Security (Head) - Get 1,000 Gamerscore Points Security (Shoulders) - Get 750 Gamerscore Points

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