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That's a very interesting question! Seeing as how 343 Industries wouldn't make a game where you're alone all the time, there will definately be allies, at least in some parts of the game. Like in Halo: CE, from the mission "Two Betrayals," you don't have an ally for the rest of the game; that's almost half of the entire game! There's got to be an ally, but who it would be at this point is unknown. It's very unlikely that it would be the UNSC Navy or Marine Corps, as the Master Chief and the back half of the Forward Unto Dawn are lost in uncharted space, lightyears away from Earth or any human colony world, if there were any left by that point.

While there is no proof whatsoever that there will be, my theory is that there will be human allies. While this is unlikely There is no report of what ever happened to The Spirit of Fire, from Halo Wars, and the legendary ending can bring one to believe that when the crew awoke from cryosleep there is something wrong and they crew hasn't arrived at Earth.

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