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After the war, it is likely that the Elites respect Humans. UNSC fought against superior technology and numbers, yet still came on top, fighting from start to finish. This should have gained them the respect of most of the Sangheili Race.

Unknown. In the back of Halo: Evolutions, a letter written by Dr. William Iqbal who is surveying the Artifact near New Mombasa states, "I very much doubt that the agreement with the [Elites] and their representive, the Arbiter, is the end of our conflict with other Covenant species." He is mostly likely saying that another war could break out between the humans and Elites, probably because of humanity's hatred of the latter because of the atrocities they committed against humanity during the war. But, he could possibly be saying that the alliance between the species will not scare away the remnants of the Loyalist fleet. Also, the Elites seem to respect only themselves and, before the Schism, the Prophets, and do not seem to respect the lesser races of the Covenant. They are a warrior race though, and they are likely to respect their enemies.

To add to that, it was also said that some Elites even thought the Humans should be allowed to join the Covenant. And the Elites would also learn the truth, if they haven't already, about Humanity being chosen to carry on the Mantle of the Forerunners. Perhaps they would even regard Humanity as a 'chosen race'.

(different person answering)- Yes, infact the elites even offered the humans to join the ranks of the covenant because of how they act in battle, never surrendering (kinda) staying behind to save comrads, and sacrificing them selves etc..

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